For your Health, the Planet and the Future Generations

Choosing Clayer for a faster, healthier and better recovery. To reach your goals. #MovingForward

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Clayer products are 100% natural, non-toxic and vegan. Made with pure green clay with exceptional properties.

Our ingredients


Kids Care
Pain Relief
Skin Care

CLAYER is used and recommended

by professional athletes worldwide


The Healthiest

100% Natural


Chemical free

Proven Formula

Scientifically Proven

Recommended by the pros

Formula used for centuries


Fast Action

Absorbs toxins

Provide minerals

Be like the pros, take care of your health, stop using chemicals.

Our products absorb the toxins and provide rich minerals to help you recover and feel better, so you can keep

moving forward and reach your goals.

So, don’t mask pain with chemicals, this is why health professionals and top professional athletes are moving forward with Clayer.